Our researchers have edited a new book that was published by Routledge (UK) in February 2017:
Youth drinking cultures in a digital world: Alcohol, social media and cultures of intoxication.
Edited by Antonia Lyons, Tim McCreanor, Ian Goodwin, & Helen Moewaka Barnes.

Read about the book and browse the Table of Contents

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Completed PhD Projects

Friendship: Over a drink, over a network.
Patricia Niland
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Kanohi ki te kanohi a thing of the past.
Acushla Dee O'Carroll
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Completed Masters Theses

Photos on Facebook: An exploratory study of their role in the social lives and drinking experiences of New Zealand university students
Anna Tonks
Master of Science in Psychology 2012
Available : http://mro.massey.ac.nz/handle/10179/4177

Tertiary student drinking culture, facebook and alcohol advertising: Collapsing boundaries between social life and commericalised consumption
Ross Hebden
Master of Arts in Psychology 2011
Available : http://mro.massey.ac.nz/handle/10179/3043

Completed Honours Dissertations

Celebrities, new media and young women’s drinking cultures
Michelle Pedersen
Honours in Psychology, 2010

Current PhD Projects

Digital navigators: Young Pasifika adults in Aoteraroa New Zealand navigating the new millennium online.
Lina Samu
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Alcohol advertising online and young adult drinking cultures.
Ross Hebden
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