Drinking cultures

Digital navigators: Young Pasifika adults in Aoteraroa New Zealand navigating the new millennium online.

Lina Samu

PhD Candidate
School of Psychology, Massey University

Lina is focusing on research about Pasifika participants, that is people who have heritage from the Pacific Islands of the Kingdom of Tonga, Tokelau, the Cook Islands, Niue, Tuvalu, Fiji and Samoa who are living in Aotearoa New Zealand some of who are now into the fourth generation of being New Zealand born Pasifika people.

Her research question asks: How are social networking sites and online tools being used by young Pasifika adults aged 18-25 years in Aotearoa in their social lives (including the way in which alcohol may be used) and in their identity creation/ formation?

More specifically the research will ask:

  • How do relationships and identity among young Pasifika adults play out in social networking cultures?
  • How are young Pasifika adults using social networking systems?
  • How social and cultural practices are being performed within the online virtual space and how this impacts on intergenerational expressions of identity and culture?

Confirmation Event

Digital Navigators: Young Pasifika Adults in Aotearoa Navigating the New Millenium
Tuiloma Lina Samu, October 27, 2011
Click for Lina's confirmation abstract and Linas confirmation slideshow.