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Privacy on Facebook

Facebook privacy settings can be a bit confusing. Here are a few links that can help everyone become savvier with privacy settings on Facebook.

This site lists most social media sites, rates the difficulty factor to remove yourself from them and provides advice how.

This is a great slidehow that shows you how to control being tagged in photos on Facebook.

This is another slide show that shows you how to opt-out of Facebook social ads.

This article shows you how to avoid and prevent spam on Facebook.

The following link gives you more information about how much data Facebook collects, and what they do with it.

A readable essay on why the latest Facebook privacy policy is really harmful, including simple instructions should you wish to close your facebook account

This piece explains metadata very clearly, and why it’s important for people to know about, especially those who are using the Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, and Google Allo messaging apps.


Another way that social media is being used to promote alcohol and going out drinking is by paying students to target their own Facebook friends and get them to attend clubs and alcohol-sponsored events.  This is described as “an indirect marketing tactic”. Read the New Zealand Herald article about this.